Design Brief: Bathroom

The guest bedrooms are done and now the contestants will move on to their next room.

Juané, Rudolph and Minenhle ready for the next challenge.
Juané, Rudolph and Minenhle ready for the next challenge.

Interior architect and director at ARRCC Interiors, Jon Case, explained the brief to the contestants and what are the important aspects when designing a bathroom.

The contestants will have to think about the bigger picture when they are designing the bathroom. Jon says they will have to think about the different trades that it takes to put a bathroom together.

"It’s important to have an overall plan of what you want to do. You have to think about the layout and the location of the bath, shower or vanity since it has to be put in quite early in the design process." He said the human scale and ergonomics are key to designing a bathroom. Contestants also have to keep storage options in mind, bathrooms have a lot of products and toweling.

"Don’t forget the type of material you use will endure a lot of moisture or dampness so it has to be very durable," said Jon. To add warmth to a bathroom, Jon suggests looking at lighting from behind spaces to get an accent glow, but remember you also want good lighting for a clear rendering of your face in the mirror.

For that luxury feel, Jon said he would definitely consider installing a his and hers vanity.

Down to business, Rudolph has a projected budget of R55 000, budgeting the most for the basins, taps and shower heads.

Juané’s budget comes in at R60 000 for her bathroom, planning to spend the majority of that amount on tiling.

Minenhle has the biggest projected budget at R80 000, and plans to spend half of that on paint and tiling. 

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