Design Brief: The Guest Bedroom

The contestants were given their first brief: To design the guest bedroom. 


Mark Rielly from ARRCC, gave the following brief to the contestants. The guest bedroom is one of the smaller rooms in the apartment. It needs to be a generous room to make the guests feel special. Contestants can decide if they want to make accommodate one or two guests. The judges are specifically looking for a headboard that can wow them, something out of the box. They will have to use design techniques that can make the space seem bigger. The finished room should be perfectly styled and personalised as if the guests are arriving soon!

Not an easy task! The judges will each be looking for very specific elements. Simon Bray, COO from Private Property said he will take into consideration whether the room adds value to the property and the marketability of the apartment. Anne Roselt, the Global Colour Manager from Plascon will use her expertise to judge the room’s colour scheme, the textures incorporated into the room and overall creativity. Mark Rielly from ARRCC will look at the execution of how the designers put everything together, the finished product as a whole.

Rudolph, Juané and Minenhle have all huddled with their team mentors and started the guest bedroom process. Halfway in and it seemed like Rudolph was leading the pack, having sorted out flooring and his paint colour options. Juané started to paint her room, while Minenhle’s room seemed to be a bit behind schedule, although he was very calm knowing he’s got everything under control!

Here's what the designers had in mind:

Rudolph: The overall visual style of the room transports one to a place of luxury and the old world meeting the new fragile and adventurous spirit of the earth and its people. The softness of the room adds to its elegance and comfortable cocoon that any traveller seek for and can call “home”.

Juané: The guest bedroom was seen as a traveller’s space – where the traveller comes to rest for a brief moment before moving along on their journey. The room will introduce the colour and material use which is going to consist of white, neutral tones with copper and concrete accents.

Minenhle: The design theme is influenced by Val de Vie and its surroundings, from green fields to the beautiful mountain landscapes surrounding the area. He chose neutral and earthy colours creating a sense of tranquility and calmness.