Design Brief: Lounge

The designers receive their last brief, designing the lounge.


The lounge is an integral part of any home where you spend a lot of time, as well as your friends and family. It’s important to remember the lounge needs to be a multi functioning space.

The designers will have to think about the orientation of the sofa and the television - like the TV should not face direct sunlight - but often this is a challenge to compromise for the best views. The lounge is a transitional space between other spaces, leading into the bedroom, so furniture placement and arrangement is key.

Keep in mind audio visual components, spaces for speakers and storage for library books, the cables and wiring should be worked into the design because it can be quite unsightly. Jon Case from ARRCC recommends having some sort of formal dining setup in the room as well. Art and interior design is very important, and Jon recommends looking at a signature art piece with smaller decor items rather then cluttering up the space with too much art.

Rudolph has a total projected budget of R144 000 for his lounge. Minenhle’s projected budget is R128 000, and Juané has the smallest projected budget of R98 000.