Episode 12 – The Final Touch

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Win A Home prize apartment episode 9

Time flies when you’re having fun! This week’s the penultimate episode of Win A Home and we finally get to see what our finished grand-prize apartment looks like!

Tumi checks in on the last few developments and is blown away by, among other things, the luxurious apartment’s beautiful Cordev fitted kitchen, stunning media unit in the living room and amazing feature wall in the bedroom completing the apartment’s ‘City of Gold’ theme.

Tumi is also invited to get a taste what living in Steyn City Lifestyle Estate must be like by spending some time on its magnificent Jack Nicklaus golf course.

Win A Home is of course not only about the metamorphosis of our prize apartment, but also of the transformations of four Steyn City apartments by our aspiring designers. We take a look back at what Donald, Jason, Liza and Jonathan did with their apartments over the period of our six decor design challenges.

Don’t miss all of this and more, this Thursday 8PM on SABC3.

Win a Home apartment week 12