Our apartment’s progress – Week 8

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Our grand-prize apartment is slowly but surely starting to look like a home, with just over a month to go before the beautiful Steyn City Estate property should be ready to be handed over to the lucky winning viewer!

On this week’s episode of Win A Home, Maps talk to designer and stylist Mia Widlake about what she has in mind for the apartment’s spare room.

We love the idea of hanging plates on the spare room’s walls and can’t wait to see the finished wall! Mia show us zig-zag lights that she will install in the room to create ambience and a visual masterpiece.

Tumi chats to the Marketing Manager at Tile Africa, Richard Nuss, about current trends in flooring and what they have in mind for our apartment’s floors. Even Obert Rukato, the Technical Executive for TAL, stop by to tell us how excited he is about the the seamless flooring surface that our apartment will have. Truly a a smart and practical option!

Our apartment’s progress – Week 8