Decor Design Challenge

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The Kitchen

It's our aspiring designers' last chance to impress in their final decor design challenge. This time they do not only have to decorate a room, they also have to host a party for the judges to celebrate the completion of their apartments.

Join Liza, Jonathan, Jason and Donald as they race to finish their apartments, try to keep within the budget they were allocated and throw a nice get-together for the judges!

Vote for your favorite kitchen and stand a chance of winning R50 000.  Click here to place your vote

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Win a Home decor design challenge episode 11

The Patio

Our apprentice designers have to decorate a pretty and practical patio for their apartments in the Steyn City Lifestyle Estate in this week's Decor Design Challenge.

Determined to bring the outside in and inside out with their smart designs and fantastic furniture, the Fab Four get to have fun with a combination of simple and lavish decor items in their beautiful outdoor spaces. The stakes are high: this is our second last decor challenge and our designers have to work hard to impress the judges!

Don't forget that by voting for your favourite living room you stand the chance of winning R50 000! Click here to place your vote

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Win A Home Decor Design Challence compete in the patio challenge

Win A Home Decor Design Challenge compete in the patio challenge


  • Vote for Team Air as your favourite patio
  • Vote for Team Earth as your favourite patio
  • Vote for Team Fire as your favourite patio
  • Vote for Team Water as your favourite patio


The Living Room

At Steyn City Lifestyle Estate – the location of our grand-prize apartment and designer challenge - our apprentice designers are working hard to impress the judges and hopefully win that R100 000 cash prize and the chance to be a preferred designer at Steyn City!

The designers have a few surprises planned for this week, and so does Tumi apparently, who installs a brand-new Samsung entertainment system in Jason's apartment. And it looks great!

Whose all-important social space will impress the judges and who will disappoint?

Watch Win A Home this Thursday at 8pm on SABC3 for the big reveal and to see whose living room you like most!

Don't forget that by voting for your favourite living room you stand the chance of winning R50 000! Click here to place your vote

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Win A Home design challenge lounge

The Spare Room

This week's decor design challenge is to turn an empty space into a work of art!

Our Fab Four race the clock to put together a spectacular spare room in their separate apartments, using their four different themes. With the only limitation this week being that designers are not allowed to turn their spare rooms into another bedroom, they get to let their imagination run wild with their designs.

The end results were fantastic and our judges had a tough time choosing their favorite.

Don’t forget, you as the viewer get the final say on which designer’s room stands out from the rest. 

Key into SABC3 for Win A Home Thursday at 8 pm to see how our aspirating designers utilized their spare rooms.

Loved our aspiring designers' looks? Click here to see where they shopped

Decor Design Challenge Spare Room

  • Vote for Air as your favourite study
  • Vote for Earth as your favourite study
  • Vote for Fire as your favourite study
  • Vote for Water as your favourite study

The Bathroom

Lifestyle estate Steyn City is not just the venue for our dream home prize, it’s also where our 4 designers are given 4 apartments to decorate. Last week our apprentice designers were faced with their first décor challenge, decorating the bedroom on a tight budget.

This week, the bathrooms might be ready to go with high-end fittings and sanitary ware, but need some personal touches.
Our apprentice designers will have to work around the clock to incorporate their element theme of either water, fire, earth or air, into their bathroom to try and impress our three judges as they have the draining decision of which outshines the rest.

Watch Win A Home this Thursday at 8pm on SABC3 for all the action - and the big reveal!

Win A Home bathroom challenge

  • Vote Air for your favourite bathroom
  • Vote Water for your favourite bathroom
  • Vote Fire as your favourite bathroom
  • Vote Water as your favourite bathroom

The Bedroom

Last week, our apprentice designers were matched up with their mentors. This week, the four are faced with their first décor challenge to take their element theme of either water, fire, earth or air, and give it life – in the bedroom and on a budget!

Join Liza Scholtz, Jonathan Avnon, Jason Sandows and Donald Nxumalo as the race around the shops in search of the perfect items to not only fit in with their theme and win over the judges and you but to also keep within the budget they were allocated! Will their choices leave their design mentors reeling or will the pressure result in some inspired decor decisions! Don't miss this week's episode where all will be revealed!

See where our design apprentices shopped:


  • Win a Home bedroom theme Earth
  • Win a Home bedroom theme Fire
  • Win a Home bedroom theme Water

Meet our Top 4 Aspiring Designers:

Donald Nxumalo

Donald Nxumalo

I’m a 26 year old living in Johannesburg, currently doing freelance Interior Design during the week and working as a wallpaper salesman on Saturdays. I graduated from TUT in 2012 specialising in Interior Design and am hoping that this opportunity will open doors for me.

I am inspired by the city of Johannesburg; from the beautiful, artistic cafes in Braamfontein, to the historic Art Deco buildings in Killarney. These buildings truly inspire me to create timeless, interesting designs with a hint of history and class.

African folk music, art and fashion are a big part of my life and I love collecting pieces from all over the continent.

Jason Sandows


The 1920’s silent movie director Cecil B DeMille said, “Creativity is a drug I cannot live without”. This statement perfectly describes who I am.
I was born in Johannesburg and am currently employed as a marketing assistant for a law firm.

At university I was studying towards a marketing communication degree but realised I had passion for design. I decided to apply to a fashion institute. With no previous experience, I applied with a portfolio filled with ideas rather than concrete designs. I now face the next challenge, armed with an intense passion for design and a belief that nothing is impossible!

When you come into contact with a Thomas Heatherwick, Philippe Stark, or an Yves Saint Laurent design for the first time, what you feel at that moment is what design is about. I’m inspired by moments which evoke emotion and as a designer; my greatest desire is to provide a form of escape.

Acts of creativity serve as great inspiration to me: especially African creativity.

Jonathan Avnon

Jonathan Avnon

I graduated in 2008 with an English degree and little enthusiasm about possible career choices. I spent the remainder of my early twenties exploring parts of the world; some of my highlights included teaching English in South Korea and backpacking through India.

About 2 years ago I realised that my true passion was creating beautiful living spaces. I subsequently enrolled at Inscape Design College in Durban. I elected to combine two things I loved: travel and interiors. I furthered my training with courses in Interior Design in Bangkok at Academia Italiana then in Mumbai at The WorkStation, and most recently in London at The Chelsea College of Art. Upon returning to Johannesburg earlier this year, I had the privilege of assisting iconic local designer Yvonne O'Brien on a design project.

I find inspiration from many different sources; from spending hours on Pinterest to design blogs, craft markets, travelling and exploring global décor trends. As my design aesthetic leans towards African inspired decor, I find that a lot of my inspiration is found locally: bright shweshwe fabrics, intricately carved statues, beautiful Vintage African photography, luxury safari camps... the list is endless.

Liza Scholtz


I spend much time outdoors and I am always attracted to textures and natural materials.
I challenge myself to combine these rough and natural elements with sleek modern furniture pieces. I don’t have a favourite colour but neutrals are such a wonderful base-pallet from which to work; I like to add rich, warm colours, cool turquoises, and bright yellows.

I’m inspired by 70’s decor, ethnic elements, and anything from nature. I believe less is more and I like to make use of bulky elements and simple lines, always keeping balance in mind.

I am currently going through a desert phase: anything Mexican with rich colours, and big bold cactus plants in unique terracotta pots. However, my inspiration for the Four-D competition is Ethnic chic, with Steyn City being the perfect setting for a modern yet comfortable home.

Here’s to stylish city living with a hint of African chic!

Our Design Mentors:


Stephen Falcke: Owner, Stephen Falcke Interior Design
Stephen is one of South Africa’s most celebrated and sought after interior designers who has  recently received international acclaim as a pioneer for boutique hotels for his extraordinary work on The Saxon.


Nthabi Taukobong: Founding Member and Managing Director of Ditau Interiors
Nthabi’s design style can be described as luxurious, yet effortlessly functional - with a strong focus on creating livable interiors. 


Amanda Elliott: Director, Design Collective Interior Architectural Design
Amanda's international experience includes first hand exposure in countries such as Singapore, UAE, Doha, Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. She has played a leading design role with various design teams, together completing numerous award-winning projects globally. 


Abilene Brodie: Interior Designer, Head Interiors
Abilene joined renowned interior design consultancy, Head Interiors, in 2009. Since then she has worked on numerous residential and corporate projects from compact apartments in Melrose arch to stately homes in upmarket suburbs and exciting projects in Botswana. 

Meet Kim Hutton, our Design Guru


The Steyn City Team

Tammy Menton


Bryan Charters