The Bedroom Challenge Revisited

Win A Home Season 2 Design teams

Previously, on Win a Home – the Design Edition - our contestants tackled their first on site challenge with each team decorating their villa's master bedroom. This involved lots of shoddy paintwork, fraying patience, flaring tempers, an awkward decor store run in and accusations of team members not pulling their weight.

Eventually, after a race against the clock, the results were... not good. So much so that last week's guest judge, designer David Muirhead, was not impressed at all.

So what does the week hold in store for these 12? One exciting development is the introduction of mentors to help guide each team through their challenges and add some expert advice.

Schane Anderson's been in the business for over 21 years. She owns her own studio, Olala Interiors in Durban, as well as a store selling bespoke décor items made by her factory. She will be BluPrint's mentor.

Grant Webster owns Fahrenheit, an interior design and décor studio that's completed over 100 000 projects in the last 15 years, including large hotels both in and out of South Africa. He will be mentoring team DeTale.

Ntokozo Ntuli is the owner of NT Design Box, a full service design company. Ntokozo's worked on a slew of major projects that range from helping to re-design the look of a national chain store to revamping luxurious hotels. She will be Bespoke's mentor.

With the task of redoing their master bedroom as well as an individual challenge in the mix who will shine under pressure and who will be going home?




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Find out more about our design mentors:

Schane Anderson
Olala Interiors
W :
T : 032 946 0641
E :

Grant Webster 
W :
T : 031 312 3335
E :

Ntokozo Ntuli
NT Design Box
W :
T :  031 327 3200
E :

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